5 Great Basement Ideas In 2024

basement toronto
basement toronto

Games Room

Creating an entertainment filled, games room is one of the best ways to create fun and excitement to your basement. The games that are the most desired are the arcade style, vintage video games that you don’t need to put in change for. Some classic games such as darts and beer-pong would make your house undoubtedly the one all your friends are taking about.

Sports Memorabilia

Another way to make your basement a fun experience to entertain your guests is by decorating your walls with sports memorabilia.  Jerseys behind frames, signed photos of your favourite athletes, and moments captured in time like hockey sticks or medals. This walk down memory lane will keep your company occupied for hours and will make decorating a fun experience.


And of course the best way to get your friends to gather to your basement is by turning it into a bar. Stocking your basement with tons of alcohol is just one step of the process. The other is by dressing the part and properly building a bar with stools and a bar area. Adding a big screen TV in the area is also a nice touch to give it that restaurant/pub feel.

Apartment Living

The aforementioned ideas are all fun and entertaining, but the smartest notion for your basement is to turn it into an apartment. This will raise your property value and allow for a place to stay for your friends and family.  Adding a washroom, bedroom and kitchenette are all good ideas, although it can be a relatively expensive option.


Turning your basement into a gym is an extremely popular idea that most people turn to, especially to avoid making the commute to the gym in the cold winter. It can be done easily by acquiring some medicine balls, a yoga mat, and a few pieces of exercise equipment.