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  • Green Side Up Contracting Inc. carries $5,000,000 CAD Commercial General
  • Green Side Up Contracting Inc & any sub-trade have WSIB covering its employees.



  • 5 year structural warranty on all footings and framing. Cracked / twisted posts or boards (deck or fence) are not covered under warranty.
  • 1 year warranty on fence gates
  • Trex offers a 25 year manufacturing warranty on their deck boards and that is offered directly through Trex. Green Side Up Contracting will register your project and you will receive a welcome letter directly from Trex.
  • There is no warranty on in-deck lighting.
  • Pressure Treated lumber is dyed Sienna Brown. Green Side Up Contracting takes no responsibility for any variance in the shade of the fence boards and or posts.
  • Cedar wood requires maintenance, which is the client’s responsibility. Failure to maintain the wood will cause surface issues that are out of our control.

Landscape Construction: 

  •        1 year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Material issues such as imperfections in any stone such as pitting, efflorescence or salt damage are not covered under warranty.



  1. The owner warrants that he/she is the lawful owner of the land and premise and the location selected by him/her is such that all construction will be entirely within the boundaries of the owner’s property and will not violate any municipal or other restrictions, zoning ordinance, or set-back requirements whatsoever, and shall indemnify and save harmless the contractor from any breaches thereof.
  2. The owner shall obtain and pay for all necessary permits, approvals, licences or consents required by law or by-law or by any municipal or other authority for the execution of the work, and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations relating to the work, the preservation of public health and safety, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the contractor from any damages arising from any breaches thereof.
  3. Owner is responsible to identify all property lines and below grade obstacles such as irrigation, lighting, private gas lines, electrical lines weeping tiles or anything else that’s below grade and not visible to the contractor. The contractor will not be held responsible for any damages incurred to below grade items mentioned.
  4. The contractor will take responsibility for location/stake out of all public utility locates (eg: cable, TV, gas, telephone, hydro and water). If you have a gas pool heater or any other services installed that are not part of the regular public locate, the home owner is required to request the locates through the Ontario Dig Line.
  5. Should the contractor encounter underground obstruction such as underground pipes, wires, cables, conduits, water strata or sewage, hard rock or filled ground or any other hazards not visible to the eye, the owner agrees to pay any additional costs incurred by the contractor because of the obstructions. If the additional work caused by said obstructions is done by the contractor’s staff and equipment, the owner agrees to pay $140 per post hole per hand dig.
  6. When excavating within three feet of a utility line, or when the area is not accessible by a machine, all footing holes have to be dug by hand at a cost of $140 per hole, which the owner agrees to.
  7. In the event that fence / deck post footing needs to be dug, there will be a cost of $250 per footing
  8. In the event where the contractor cannot set a footing for a post 48” deep due to any obstruction, we will excavate as deep as possible and this section will not be covered under warranty. The contractor will advise the client and show them the issue.
    1. In this event, we can seek the assistance of a  vacuum truck and attempt to have them excavate to the required depth. The cost for this service would be the contractor’s price plus 20% which the client agrees to pay.
  9. When fencing or decking, the contractor is not responsible for fixing any interlocking, asphalt, damaged turf, or any other obstructions that are in the work or access area.
  10. Home owner is responsible to identify all tree protect areas including marking off and providing proper protection against damage, and holds contractor harmless.
  11. The owner shall provide access as well as water and electrical power to the site for all the necessary equipment for the performance of the contractor’s work.
  12. All material remains the property of the contractor and our suppliers, until full payment has been received for job completion. In the event of non-payment, the contractor shall be entitled to enter the premises of the owner and remove any installations, and no action for trespass against the contractor will be taken.
  13. This agreement is contingent upon weather, Acts of God, product availability, strikes, accidents or delays beyond the control of the contractor.
  14. In the event of material shortage or any increase to the number provided on the original estimate, Green Side Up Contracting will advise the client prior to any funds being exchanged. This will give the client or Green Side Up Contracting the option to terminate the agreement.
  15. The contractor shall not be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances which may result in damage to the project (ie: vandalism, Act of God, forces beyond the contractor’s control).
  16. Any deviation from agreed specifications and/or terms shall be agreed upon and any change in labour or material cost will be added or removed from final invoice.
  17. Third party financing is available upon request.
  18. Please note that our warranty is non-transferable.



  1. Residential Fencing - Zero down, 100% on day of completion
  2. Decking and Custom Carpentry: 50% on project start date, and 50% on completion of project
  3. Landscape & Interior Construction: 50% on commencement of project, and 50% on completion.
  4. Cheque, e-transfer, Visa or MasterCard and cash are accepted. Please note there is 2.9% surcharge applied on credit card transactions. Cheques to be made out to Green Side Up Contracting Inc.



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Green Side Up Contracting Inc. has chosen the following charities to contribute to annually: Habitat For Humanity, Big Sisters & Brothers, The Aurora Food Pantry, The Salvation Army, and Autism Canada.

Green Side Up Contracting Inc.

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