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Limited Time: Two Special Offers To Help With The Total Cost

As the founder and owner of Green Side Up Contracting, I’m proud to say that we’re one of the most respected contracting companies in Toronto. For over 22 years, we’ve been dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service to homeowners in Toronto and beyond. At Green Side Up Contracting, we believe that your…

helical pile

What Are Helical Piles?

I often get asked what helical piles are and what is the difference between helical piles and concrete footings. I’ll start off by explaining what a helical pile is: Helical piles are hollow steel tubes that are used to stabilize structures by anchoring the load to the surrounding ground, much like a driven pile. However, the…

Greenside Up_HomeStars

January 25th, 2023 – Today, HomeStars announced Green Side Up Contracting Inc has been selected as the 2023 Best of Best Award Winner. The Best of HomeStars Awards 2023 in HomeStars’ yearly honours where they celebrate pros who go above and beyond when it comes to their three pillars of integrity, customer service, and consistency. This prestigious award recognizes the best…

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Commercial / Condominium Snow Removal For 2023

On January 17th, 2022 there was snow storm that dropped upwards of 60 cm in the GTA. Two and half weeks later, we received another 10 cm of snow. Prior to these two storms the precipitation level has been nominal. As a professional in the snow business, this is what we live for — battling…

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March 15th, 2021 — Green Side Up Contracting Inc. announced today thatthey have been selected as a 2021 HomeStars Best of Award Winner. Thisprestigious award recognizes the best across the HomeStarsnetwork of over 60,000 Canadian home service pros. Winners arecarefully vetted for consistency, integrity, unparalleled customerservice and dedication to their trade. “Our Best of Award…


Reasons We Recommend Interlocking Patio’s over Decking in 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously brought many challenges to all ofus and some of us have been impacted more than others.With all the travel restrictions and people spending the majority of their timeat home, the Outdoor Living construction business was boomingthroughout 2022 leaving most reputable contractors’ schedule full as wemove into the 2023 build season.Today…


Why You Should Hire Us In 2023

Green Side Up Contracting Inc. is a professional member of Landscape Ontario & an authorized TrexPro – GOLD status! Over the last 23 years we have established ourselves within the construction industry as an honest and reputable contractor. We have earned this reputation by shaping the company around four core values: honesty, transparency, quality of…

trext wood toronto

Why Trex Is Our Recommended Decking Material In 2023

There’s plenty of different materials you can use for your deck, but without a doubt the best material to go with is Trex – it completely blows out the competition and it’s an installation service that Green Side Up recommends and provides. Designed with lasting beauty, incredible durability, and easy maintenance, there’s no compromising with…

pressure treated pine deck toronto

Disadvantages of Pressure Treated Pine for Decking

Harmful: Even though industry standards have changed, the chemicals applied to treat lumber are harmful to the environment, especially in 2023. Discoloration: Wood is a natural product, so it is going to be affected by the elements, specifically, exposure to the sun. There’s a scientific process called photo-oxidation that causes the surface of the boards…

trex rainescape toronto by green side up contracting

What Is Trex Rainescape?

Not many people know what Trex Rainescape is or why it’s so important in 2023. Depending on how well-versed you are with renovations and drainage systems, you may have never even heard of it before – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Trex Rainescape is a revolutionary under-deck drainage system that uses a…