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green side up contracting

Here’s What Happens When You Hire Green Side Up

When you hire Green Side Up to be your property maintenance company you get an intangible object; peace of mind. This is because you know you just hired a reliable, professional, honest company to handle your condominium and/or commercial property. We are able to answer all questions and concerns with absolute certainty. Every time we…

money tag

3 Ways The Cheapest Bid Winds Up Being The Most Expensive

Often in life, the old adage of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” is an accurate phrase that certainly applies to property maintenance companies. It’s easy to get lured into promotional pitches or preliminary budget estimations, but that should spark some internal red flags if what you’re seeing is lower than…


What Happens When You Hire The Right Property Maintenance Company

When you hire the right property maintenance company you can expect thorough work and absolute professionalism and that is what happens when you hire Green Side Up to handle (the needs of your condominium property). your commercial property needs. When you hire the right company they consult with you to find out your needs and…


Why Is A Property Maintenance Company’s Proposal So Cheap?

With so many property maintenance companies in abundance that claim to offer similar services, the way to typically differentiate one from each other is their pitch. A property maintenance company will layout a budget or estimation of what they plan to do for a client, but these appraisals are usually loose approximations or plans that…


The Definitive list of all Qualifications a Property Maintenance Company should have

A property maintenance company is expected to be many things by many people. When potential clients browse different companies before landing on their decision, they go through different options and selections. Ideally, you want your property maintenance company to own dozens of industry standard credentials and testimonials. This list can be comprehensive and exhaustive, but…

question gsu by green side up contracting

5 Questions To Ask All Property Maintenance Companies

When dealing with a property maintenance group, there are dozens of questions that come to mind – It’s difficult to narrow it down to just 5. Most people preform their due diligence and spend their time with comprehensive research. But without a doubt, these are the ones that get asked the most frequently: What is…

snow removal richmond hill by green side up contracting

5 Things All Snow Removal Companies Must Have Before Hiring Them

Before you look into hiring a company that focuses on snow removal, there are a more than a few factors you should consider. Relying on someone to remove your snow in the wintertime can be a serious business, as your mobility depends on how efficiently the task is completed. Here are just a few of…


Helping Property Managers Get Work Done

At Green Side Up, we provide an award winning service, targeting systems that are in need of landscape construction and natural resource management.  We offer services for all levels of government, the private sector, non-government organizations, and particularly: condo property managers. There are numerous reasons for selecting Green Side Up as your contracting company. The…

mancave basement

Man Cave Basements

Although some may find it a laughable subject, a “man cave” is a pretty significant addition to any home a man dwells in, and can also be considered a way of life. Over the last decade or so, these male dominated areas have been embraced by many households and have substantially increased in popularity. An…

contemporary bathroom toronto by green side up contracting

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

In today’s age, having a clean bathroom is not the only thing that matters to both your property value and your houseguests. What is equally and perhaps more important is keeping up with a contemporary look that is constantly ever changing. The desired look of most washrooms now has a modern and spa-like appearance to…