Building Community Giving Back

Building Community Giving Back


Over the past many years, Green Side Up Contracting has been an active member of our community. Whether it be plowing driveways for seniors through Neighbourhood Network, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, organizing food drives for food banks or donating to local charities, I have always felt it very important to give back to our community.

In 2020, when the pandemic set in and while so many people lost their jobs, struggled to put food on their table, and lived with terrible anxiety of what the future will hold, the construction business was booming.

Like all of us, no one likes to see anyone suffer and I have to say that knowing that our neighbours can't put food on their table really sincerely saddens me. This past Christmas, in conjunction Welcoming Arms, we were able to ensure that over 200 families in Aurora had a hot Christmas meal.

Fast forward to this cold February morning, and what I see is that this pandemic continues to hold a firm grip on to us. More and more of our neighbours are suffering and in need.

Realizing this and through our business planning sessions, we've decided to incorporate a "giving back strategy" that will contribute to our neighbours who need help the most. Every project $10,000 or greater, in the communities of Aurora, Newmarket and Richmond Hill, Green Side Up Contracting will set aside $500 and at Christmas we will donate the funds to the food banks in their respective towns.

So, when you shop with Green Side Up Contracting not only are you getting a trusted well-reviewed local contractor, your business will also ensure our less fortunate neighbours will have food on their table during the Christmas season.

Every day I feel so grateful, and I sure hope you do too.


Jay Saveall

jay saveall
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HomeStars Giving Back Award

The HomeStars Giving Back Award was created to recognize companies who go above and beyond to help out their communities giving more than just monetary donations, they put in their time, effort and labour to give back in any way they can. Green Side Up is proud to be a recipient of the Home Stars Giving Back Award.

Christmas Dream Dinner

The Christmas Dream Dinner is a remarkable day where over 200 meals and gifts are provided to make sure everyone has a hot meal during Christmas. This Christmas we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to make sure everyone in our home town had a hot meal for Christmas!

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