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Importance of Professional Snow and Ice Management

Effective snow and ice management is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures the safety of employees, customers, and visitors by preventing slips and falls. Maintaining clear and well-managed pathways and parking areas keeps your business operational and welcoming, minimizing disruptions. Adhering to local safety regulations also helps you avoid potential fines and legal issues, while regular maintenance prevents damage to your property’s infrastructure caused by the accumulation of snow and ice.

Proactive Ice Maintenance

Preventing ice buildup is crucial for safety. Our ice maintenance services include:

  • Deicing Applications: We apply high-quality, environmentally friendly deicing materials to critical surfaces, preventing ice buildup. Our proactive approach ensures walkways, entrances, and parking areas remain ice-free and safe for everyone.
  • Bulk Salting: Our bulk salting services guarantee a consistent supply of deicing agents, ensuring your property remains ice-free. We manage supplies efficiently, even during peak winter demand, to maintain continuous safety.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: At GSU, we provide continuous weather monitoring in Aurora to stay ahead of changing conditions. Our 24/7 monitoring allows us to respond promptly and effectively to any ice formation, ensuring your property is always safe and accessible.
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When to Call for Snow and Ice Management in Aurora?

Knowing the optimal times to call for professional snow and ice management can make a significant difference in maintaining a safe property. Scheduling services in advance of forecasted snowstorms ensures prompt response while contacting us during heavy snowfall allows for immediate service. If ice has formed, timely deicing is essential to prevent accidents. Regularly scheduled services throughout the winter ensure continuous safety and accessibility, keeping your property well-maintained and safe all season long.

Our Comprehensive Services

Green Side Up Contracting offers a full suite of services to manage snow and ice on your commercial property in Aurora.

Custom Snow Removal Solutions in Aurora

Our snow removal solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each property. We provide:

Snow Plowing

Our advanced snow plowing services efficiently clear snow from all critical areas, including parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. We ensure your property remains safe and accessible, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Snow Relocation and Removal

Beyond basic plowing, we offer comprehensive snow relocation and removal. We strategically move and remove large piles of snow to designated areas, ensuring your property remains clear and safe from hazardous obstructions.

Advanced Fleet Management

Utilizing GPS technology, our advanced fleet management system ensures precise and efficient snow removal. This allows for real-time tracking and optimal route planning, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of our services.

Sidewalk Clearing

In addition to plowing and snow removal, we provide specialized sidewalk-clearing services. Our team ensures that walkways and entry paths are thoroughly cleared of snow, maintaining safe pedestrian access and preventing potential slip-and-fall accidents.


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