Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

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contemporary bathroom toronto

In today’s age, having a clean bathroom is not the only thing that matters to both your property value and your houseguests. What is equally and perhaps more important is keeping up with a contemporary look that is constantly ever changing. The desired look of most washrooms now has a modern and spa-like appearance to them. A heavy focus on high-quality natural or manmade materials is trademarks of modern bathroom designs in 2023.


Contemporary bathroom designs can work in washrooms ranging from smaller to quite large, but because of the relatively simple and continuous aspects of recent designs – this style is especially appealing for homeowners who want to maximize a smaller bathroom area. One component of a modern bathroom design that can really supplement a small space is an elevated or pedestal sink. It can come in a few different formats: rounded, stainless steel or porcelain. This type of fixture can make a stylish impact while also acting as an efficient space saver. The size-economical position of a pedestal sink doesn’t demand your sink to be set in a larger cabinet, allowing for a well-designed and casual look.

Colour and Design

Colour choices for modern and contemporary bathroom designs can vary in a wide range, but with a particular importance on calming simplicity. Typically, many newer designs consist of contrasting base shades like whites, blacks or greys. With simple bland colour combinations sometimes lacking creativity, a popular method is to add distinctive patterns or to display pictures/paintings on your bathroom walls. Make sure that any added items or accessories in your bathroom design follow the style’s overall impression.  Added lighting that can act as decoration pieces have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Lighting accessories may feature various kinds of lampshades or wall sconces, adding a nice touch to your overall design. But be careful to not make it too bright in your washroom as it could be too jarring for your guest – to key to a good bathroom dynamic is subtlety.

Contemporary bathroom ideas can help create a comforting environment for both yourself and your guests.