Country Kitchen Design Ideas In 2024


Design & Style

Most country kitchen designs have a comfy, snug aesthetic to them.  Although they are typically rustic with an older appearance, more modern and up-to-date approaches are being fused with the country-look. Rural kitchen designs are usually lively and welcoming, with woven baskets and flowery themed. It’s an easy, casual look combined with the traditional approach that really is timeless and classic. Country and rustic inspired faucets are very popular in both conventional and non-traditional spaces and styles. Bridge faucets will show up in standard finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, but also polished nickel. Another popular vintage design that is picking up steam is blackboard walls that can match the disposition of modern and old-fashioned homes. In addition to the look, it can also be extremely convenient when writing down a recipe or jotting down an important note while cooking.


The look in a country kitchen home is typically earthy tones that don’t strain the eye. Browns, beiges and yellows come to mind. The main contrast between an “older” kitchen and a country kitchen’s appearance is the colour scheme. It’s easy to confuse the two paradigms but the most important difference is the colour – an older kitchen will have bright, vivid colours that may clash. Whereas a country design is the exact opposite premise: subtle and smooth shades that blend in together.  


The Key to giving your kitchen a country feel is to have your furniture and bigger items (fridge, island, etc.) in close proximity to each other, giving it a cozy feel. If that is not possible, then lay out most of your appliances to give the impression that everything is accessible and meals can be promptly made. This welcoming, warm feeling will transcend beyond your kitchen and into other areas of your home.

A country kitchen design will surely appeal to anyone that steps foot into your kitchen.