How To Add A Private Entrance To A Basement Apartment

basement entrance
basement entrance

We all know that adding a private entrance to a basement apartment is the best way to officially complete the transformation from basement to apartment. The difficulty is actually accomplishing this task. There are several legal and basic requirements that you have to adhere by in order to make a private entrance legitimate.

Existing Basement Suite

If you have an existing second suite you have to make sure it passes the municipal licensing and standards zoning property and occupancy standards review.

You then have to check the proper fire safety and electric safety protocols set up by your city’s by-laws. Once that is complete, you need to make sure that your residence is at least 5 years old. Ensure that your home is detached or semi-detached. And the second suite must occupy a smaller area than the rest of the house – containing kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Private Basement Entrance

For a private entrance and second suite to qualify as an authorized unit, it must meet residential zoning requirements, property standards, occupancy standards, health and safety requirements, and fire and electrical codes.

This may seem like a comprehensive process but it is worth it to go through the steps properly so that you are protected from any potential legal situation that may present itself down the road. These established standards ultimately ensure safety and comfort for both the homeowner and tenant.


If you’re looking to learn more about how to make the above happen for your basement then contact us today. We’re happy to guide you through the process – and even do the work for you!