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Green Side Up Contracting prides itself for its depth of professional resources to take your vision and turn it into a spectacular pool and landscape creation. You'll love our pool building work!

The process starts with an On-site Client Meeting. One of our design partners works with you to establish an understanding of your needs, vision and budget before the pool building begins.

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custom pool toronto

Next is the Design Process where they discuss your vision and conceptually bring it to life in a detailed plan. Our Designers are skilled at interpreting and capturing your vision into a 3D design plan.


Based on their vast experience, they can shed light on features and materials that will compliment your home to complete the pool building in a strategic manner.

custom pool toronto
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After the design is solidified, the plan is then refined by our internal Design Team that prepares it for the pool building Construction Process. A Project Manager will be assigned to your project and be responsible for your project until completion. They will be your one point of contact for the duration of the project to answer any questions you might have from timing to design features. They will be there to support you every step of the project to provide clarity, trust and results.

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Plan the pool as part of your resort

Planning a pool with consideration of its setting, provides an opportunity to maximize your enjoyment of both the pool and the yard. Planning a backyard resort involves the consideration of both function and design. Functional items may include pathways to the various entertainment zones or discreet locations for pool mechanical equipment. Design items may include a dedicated fire pit seating area or a shade structure for backyard enjoyment in any weather. The resort is exclusively yours, and we are here to customize your property for ultimate enjoyment.



Consider the complete area in the initial planning stage

Even if the installation is done in phases, having a master plan upfront produces the most pleasing results. The following are some landscape and yard features to consider for your backyard space.

custom pool toronto
custom pool toronto


Cabana/Pool House

A pool house can have many functions with a covered seating area or even a custom structure with bathroom. You decide how it will be used and how much of a profile it should have. Will it store the pool equipment? Does it need a change room, a garden tool shed, an outdoor kitchen and bar, will it be utilized all four seasons?


From design to water in your pool, Green Side Up Contracting can help with all your vinyl and fibreglass pool & landscaping needs.


Comparison of Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass & Gunite Inground Pools

Pool Comparison Chart
Speed of Installation
Quality Control from Factory
Attractive Aesthetics
Quality and Beauty of Interior Finish
Number of Features
Energy Efficient
Comfort on Your Feet
Low Maintenance
Resale Value
Compatibility with Salt Water Systems
Yearly Cost of Ownership
Wear and Tear on Automatic Pool Cleaners
Custom Shapes and Sizes
Initial Cost to Purchase

Frequently Asked Pool Building Questions

gta pool installation

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Backyard Pool in Toronto

Considering adding a touch of luxury to your Toronto home? Here are the top ten reasons why having a backyard pool in the Toronto and York Region is a fantastic idea.

  • Escape the City Heat: Toronto summers can be hot and humid. A pool offers a refreshing escape without leaving your backyard.
  • Boost Home Value: A well-designed pool can significantly increase the value of homes in the Toronto and York Region area.
  • Staycation Paradise: Save on summer getaways by creating a vacation spot right in your backyard.
  • Entertainment Hub: Pools are perfect for hosting barbecues, parties, and family gatherings, especially in the York Region and Toronto areas.
  • Health and Fitness: Swimming is a low-impact exercise, great for cardiovascular health without straining your joints.
  • Stress Relief: The calming effect of water is well-documented. Dive in and let your stresses float away.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: A pool can elevate your home's landscaping and overall aesthetics.
  • Family Time: A pool provides countless hours of family fun and bonding opportunities.
  • Instant Social Circle: Become the go-to spot for friends and neighbors during the summer.
  • Invest in Memories: From pool parties to quiet mornings, invest in countless unforgettable moments.

For those in the Toronto and York Region areas looking to make a splash, reach out to GSU Contracting today to explore your backyard pool options!

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