Residential Property Maintenance In 2024

Residential Property Maintenance

When managing a residential or estate property, when it comes to landscape maintenance we will cater to you and your property needs. We will work with you to determine what is required to keep your property standing out from the the rest! A formal site survey / inspection is completed and always reviewed with the client. We will also work with you from a pricing perspective by offering bundled pre-paid year round pricing. The following are some of our services offered:

Spring Clean Up

Weather permitting our spring clean-ups are performed in April and early May or after ground thaws and before grass greens up. Our goal is to get these done as soon as possible so that you have the best growth!

Residential Spring Clean-Up Services Include:

  • Thatch all grassed areas to remove all grass blades that died over the winter (very important)
  • Remove left over fall leaves and branches
  • Shrub / flower beds will be blown out and dead material removed
  • Experienced, reliable, punctual & very organized
  • Till all garden beds to allow much needed spring oxygen into garden beds
  • Top dress and over seed if required

Weekly Lawn Care

  • All grass areas will be professionally mowed with high end commercial grade mowers on a weekly basis. All our mowers are equipped with the technology that will leave ‘lines’ on your lawn as you see on golf courses! Your lawn is a reflection on us – we want and WILL make sure your property stands out from the rest!!
  • Sidewalks, driveways, light posts, trees, all hardscape, and all other areas bordered by grass will be trimmed giving your property a very professional well-manicured look.
  • After mowing and trimming, all grass clippings with be collected and removed from your property
  • Experienced, reliable, punctual & very organized
  • Till all garden beds to allow much needed spring oxygen into garden beds
  • Top dress and over seed if required

Lawn care is performed during the growing season. The growing season is defined by mother nature and is typically from May through to the last week in October or first week in November.

Property Maintenance

  • Planting of annual flowers and perennial maintenance
  • ‘Dead-head’ annuals and pruning perennials
  • Weeding of flower beds
  • Mulch control
  • Till soil to ensure oxygen reaches the plants
  • Using blowers, ensure dirt and dust is blown off property and any trash is removed
  • Removal of overgrown tree branches
  • Weekly review and evaluation of property status which allows us to take proactive actions to ensure your property stays in excellent condition (weeds, grubs etc)
  • Replace damaged or infected grass areas with fresh soil and re-sod with Kentucky Blue Grass

Fall Clean Up

Fall clean-ups commence late October and into November depending on weather conditions and when the trees shed their leaves.

Fall Clean Up Service Include:

  • Remove all leaves and debris from property
  • Blow out all flower beds and hedges
  • Remove annuals from flower bed and cut back the perennials
  • Ensure delicate shrubs and perennials are protected for the winter months


Fertilizing gives your lawn a balanced feeding for healthy root development and a greener lawn, in addition to controlling broad-leaf weeds. We perform three applications of fertilizer per year. We use a slow release granular fertilizer, which DRASTICALLY helps keep your your lawn thick, lush and deep green in color. A thick well rooted lawn will help keep your lawn weed free.

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