5 Things All Snow Removal Companies Must Have Before Hiring Them

commercial snow removal
commercial snow removal

Before you look into hiring a company that focuses on snow removal, there are a more than a few factors you should consider. Relying on someone to remove your snow in the wintertime can be a serious business, as your mobility depends on how efficiently the task is completed. Here are just a few of the aspects to consider:

  1. Reliability

You want your snow removal company to be reliable, dependable, always there for you 24/7. When there is a snowstorm, you would like them to be on top of it.  At request they should be able to provide you with a pre and post plow and salt plan.  Being able to trust this service gives the unit owners and the property management company the piece of mind you need, the ensure the property is maintained safely and all parties are able to retain their regular schedule. Relying on a service that doesn’t have the proper equipment / gets stuck in one particular neighborhood will not cut it when a big snowstorm occurs.

  1. Timing

Timing is an essential asset of any snow removal company – as most people typically want the property cleared and safe as soon as possible. At Green Side Up we ensure properties are cleared overnight or first thing in the morning after a large snowfall, allowing for an easy and safe exit off the property.

  1. Proper Insurance

You should never allow a snow removal company to work on your property without insurance. All professional snow removal companies should carry at least $5m liability insurance as per usual, always ask for proof of insurance.

  1. Customer Care

Being flexible and the ability to adhere to specific requests that the corporation and/or property manager makes is key.  A contact phone number that is answered 24/7, 365 days a year should also be provided.

  1. Proper Equipment

Equipment, whether a loader, a bobcat or truck should be equipped with a GPS tracking system that notifies the property manager and/or board members whenever the equipment comes onto the property.  Lastly, it’s fundamental to have the proper equipment that can work under the tough conditions and unforgiving winter. This will ensure a smooth process with no unexpected bumps along the way.