Which Cedar Is Right For Your Project?

If you’ve clicked on this link, then by now you’ve probably heard quite a bit about Pinnacle Premium Western Red Cedar. It obviously is well known for being a solid material, but the real question remains: how does it compare to regular cedar? Let’s examine some of the differences between the two.

Pinnacle premium cedar ultimately is a higher-grade cedar that offers (as its name suggests) superior and premium quality. Typically the structural integrity is higher and providing better value than just regular cedar, which may have to be replaced in a few years.  Most importantly, there is reduced cracking in the wood – a common problem that occurs with cedar.

Pinnacle cedar is distributed exclusively through National Forests Products LTD, and has earned a solid reputation delivering the highest grade and quality products. Most clients seem to be extremely satisfied and have gradually made the switch over the years – based on the good reputation and quality that Pinnacle premium cedar has earned. Consistency, aesthetics, and excellence seem to be main properties that Pinnacle operates under.

If you’re still uncertain, to learn more about which cedar is right for you or – contact us at Green Side Up and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process.