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When it comes to building residential fences in Toronto, homeowners trust Green Side Up Contracting to get the job done. We are equipped with 24 years of industry experience and use only the highest-quality lumber.

Our award-winning landscaping and landscape construction services help you take your home’s security, privacy, and design to the next level. All our services are backed by our 10-year warranty.

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Toronto Fencing Needs

Thanks to its beautiful lakefront views, educational opportunities, culinary diversity and family-friendly amenities, Toronto is one of the GTA's fastest-growing cities. With everything the city has to offer, it’s no surprise the demand for homes in the downtown core has increased, along with the demand for professional fencing contractors in Toronto.

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Our Fencing Services in Toronto

Fencing Design Services

With a keen eye for aesthetics and expertise in fencing materials and landscape construction, we create custom designs that perfectly complement your space while ensuring durability, security, and privacy.

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Fence Installation Services

At GSU, our fence installation process is down to a science, and we work hard to enhance your property’s value and curb appeal. We use quality materials and an eye for detail to ensure your fence is executed correctly, securely, and aesthetically.

Basic Fences

Basic fences are only basic in design, not in functionality. This style is known for offering straightforward privacy and security with cost-effective and low-maintenance designs. These classic styles come in several customizable options. During your discovery call, inquire about the right kind of basic fence for your family.

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Friendly Neighbour Fences

If community and connection mean a lot to you, a friendly neighbour fence can help you foster that with your neighbours while respecting your homeowner's privacy. Essentially, these durable, boundary-sharing fences feature gaps between the boards. They’re perfect for amicable neighbours who like to share the occasional hello.

Total Privacy Fences

If complete seclusion is your goal, a total privacy fence might be your perfect solution. We can install your wood or vinyl structure to block out the outside world. Built to minimize any gaps, they offer security and peace of mind for homeowners. If you prefer a secluded sanctuary, this is your top choice.


Trex Composite Fences

Although costly compared to wood, Trex Fencing is all about modern aesthetics and enhanced curb appeal. Finish your backyard paradise with the perfect frame with a Trex Composite Fence. Lasting beauty, low maintenance. And with a long functional life, Trex fencing is a solid investment – in more ways than one.

Gates, I-Beams & Lattices

Gates provide key entry points, I-beams provide structural support, and lattices are decorative panels that offer essential privacy. These components are integral to fence installation in Toronto.  To visualize how these options can add panache to your outdoor spaces, visit the “Gallery” section of our website!

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Horizontal Total Privacy Fences

Protect your privacy with a horizontal total privacy fence designed to reduce noise pollution, enhance security, and deter potential intruders. With a clean and modern look, horizontal fences are the ideal complement to Toronto’s contemporary home and garden styles.

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