How To Get The Perfect Lawn In 2024

Grass Lawn
Grass Lawn Texture. Professional landscaping. Baseball outfield.
All homeowners know that a beautiful lawn not only gives curb appeal but also helps to give the property value a boost. There is nothing quite like a perfectly manicured lawn with no weeds or brown patches.  Getting your perfect lawn is not that hard with a few simple steps.

Step 1

Keep your blades sharp
If you are mowing your own lawn, ensure all equipment is property fitted to the task. Dull mower blades will rip the grass, leaving rough edges that will die and turn brown, leaving your lawn looking more like a dirt patch.

Step 2

Adjust your mow to the season
Grass along with other plants grow at different rates each season, so adjusting your mowing rate will help you keep your lawn in tip top shape.

Step 3

From the ground up
Good soil is essential and without it, it will be an uphill battle. Test your soil and if necessary, supplement any lacking nutrients with the appropriate fertilizer and apply as directed.

Step 4

Water is essential but make sure to not overwater your lawns. Focus on high traffic areas and resist the temptation of watering in the morning to prevent burning your lawn. Also, if your lawn is a bit dry, water in multiple sessions as this allows it to sink into the soil slowly as opposed to just run off the baked surface.

Step 5

Be sure to clean up any debris that falls into the lawn such as leaves, pinecones and the sort. Not only can they dull the mower but they block essential sunlight.