Commercial / Condominium Snow Removal For 2023

On January 17th, 2022 there was snow storm that dropped upwards of 60 cm in the GTA. Two and half weeks later, we received another 10 cm of snow. Prior to these two storms the precipitation level has been nominal. As a professional in the snow business, this is what we live for — battling…

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Here’s What Happens When You Hire Green Side Up

green side up contracting

When you hire Green Side Up to be your property maintenance company you get an intangible object; peace of mind. This is because you know you just hired a reliable, professional, honest company to handle your condominium and/or commercial property. We are able to answer all questions and concerns with absolute certainty. Every time we…

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The Definitive list of all Qualifications a Property Maintenance Company should have

A property maintenance company is expected to be many things by many people. When potential clients browse different companies before landing on their decision, they go through different options and selections. Ideally, you want your property maintenance company to own dozens of industry standard credentials and testimonials. This list can be comprehensive and exhaustive, but…

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5 Questions To Ask All Property Maintenance Companies

question gsu by green side up contracting

When dealing with a property maintenance group, there are dozens of questions that come to mind – It’s difficult to narrow it down to just 5. Most people preform their due diligence and spend their time with comprehensive research. But without a doubt, these are the ones that get asked the most frequently: What is…

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How To Get The Perfect Lawn In 2023

Grass Lawn

All homeowners know that a beautiful lawn not only gives curb appeal but also helps to give the property value a boost. There is nothing quite like a perfectly manicured lawn with no weeds or brown patches.  Getting your perfect lawn is not that hard with a few simple steps. Step 1 Keep your blades…

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