How To Turn Your Basement Into An Apartment


Making your basement into an apartment is a great idea for varying reasons: it raises the property value of your investment, you can rent it out to subsidize your income, you can house guests and family/friends, or you can just use it to expand your home. It can take time if done properly, but the…

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Master Bedroom Oasis Ideas

rustic-bedroom-decorating-ideas by green side up contracting

Choosing a theme or motif for your master bedroom is not a task that you should make swiftly and without thought or planning. You ultimately spend a third of your lifetime in your bedroom so it should be a welcoming / comforting environment that you can relax in.  Some people end up using their bedrooms…

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5 Best Kitchen Floors For 2024


Ceramic Tile Ceramic tiles and kitchens just fit in well together. These easy to maintain floors come in an extensive variety of colours, styles and designs that make it fun to choose from. They are synonymous with superior sturdiness – resisting dents, abrasions and stains. Wood Hardwood floors are easy to clean, easy on the…

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Luxury Bathroom Ideas For 2024

luxury bathroom by green side up contracting

Bathrooms are no longer an intimate room that you keep hidden from the rest of your house. They are now shown proudly to family and friends as a show of honour, to display how both clean and trendy you are. Keeping up with these trends can be tricky as they are ever-changing, but with the…

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Renovate Your Powder Room For Under $1,000

modern bathroom toronto by green side up contracting

A powder room is used almost exclusively to appeal to your guests – so it is no surprise that you would want to update it as often as possible. However, this can be a costly endeavor – trying to appease your company in probably the most intimate room of your house. Here are some tips…

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5 Best Wood Floors To Use In Your Basement

basement toronto

Having a solid foundation for your basement floors is one of the first things you should decide on when building your basement. Your floor is integral to the look, feel and support of your home so it’s key to choose wisely.  Wood is always the best and timeless choice for your basement floor – but…

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Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2024

vintage modern kitchen by green side up contracting

Having a trendy and modern kitchen in 2024 can be difficult as the trends are often changing regularly. Your kitchen is also likely the most popular spot of your household – it’s where your guests as well as yourself spend the most amount of time. Knowing this, you’ll probably want to have a modern and…

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5 Expensive Kitchen Materials And Their Cheaper Alternatives In 2024

white kitchen

Flooring Hardwood floors have always been in high-demand due to their aesthetic look, feel, and quality. They can endure a lot and feel good to the touch. However, the cheaper alternative of engineered hard wood or laminate can be just as good with the difference in quality being negligible.  Vinyl flooring is also a less…

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Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

custom basement toronto

The biggest pro to a galley kitchen is undeniably the versatility of it – being able to dine inside and out. A breakfast bar could essentially work from inside or out of the galley kitchen, making for a solid option that can make a quick meal a more pleasant experience. And for a more contemporary…

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5 Master Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom by green side up contracting

Your master bathroom is probably one of the most intimate and comfortable spots of your whole house. It is likely the only place that you can have your own personal touch to, without having to appease to anyone else. Very few people other than yourself and your significant other will see or use it. For…

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How To Renovate An Unfinished Basement


Renovating an unfinished basement is always a good idea, as it will raise the property value of your house in addition to removing an eyesore. It can require a lot of planning and customizing designs that are specific to your own desires, but in the end it’s unequivocally worth it. You can ultimately turn your…

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5 Best Kitchen Countertops To Use

kitchen countertops

Your kitchen countertop is arguably the most integral part of your kitchen, as everything revolves around it. People gravitate around it, meals get prepared on it, and it typically takes up the largest amount of surface area in your kitchen. You’ll want something that is durable and strong, yet aesthetically appealing. There are almost limitless…

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Home Renovations

beautiful home aurora

Home Renovations Choosing your renovation contractor can not only be time consuming, it can also be very stressful. Building trust and confidence with your contractor is key to a successful project. We have an experienced group of professional tradesmen led by a president who is transparent, customer-focused and who believes in protecting your investment. When…

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How To Get The Perfect Lawn In 2024

Grass Lawn

All homeowners know that a beautiful lawn not only gives curb appeal but also helps to give the property value a boost. There is nothing quite like a perfectly manicured lawn with no weeds or brown patches.  Getting your perfect lawn is not that hard with a few simple steps. Step 1 Keep your blades…

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Green Side Up Food Drive

aurora food pantry

4th Annual Food Drive Last year because of YOU, we donated almost 3,000 pounds of food. I’m must be nuts because this year I’m increasing our goal to 10,000 pounds or a 33% increase over last years donation. Well as the expression goes “go big or stay home”!  Well my logic is simple. Increase prizes.…

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