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At Green Side Up, we provide an award winning service, targeting systems that are in need of landscape construction and natural resource management.  We offer services for all levels of government, the private sector, non-government organizations, and particularly: condo property managers.

There are numerous reasons for selecting Green Side Up as your contracting company. The most significant being 24/7 service calls and around the clock availability, with full-time on-staff arborists and mechanics ready to deploy. You never know when an emergency should arise and your building and/or tenants are in desperate need of structural assistance. In addition to this, our proposals and applications are customized to the property and aren’t simply given blanket estimations.  These are transparent costs that are easy to present to your board members and tenants, making for less hassle and trepidation going forward.

Our trucks are equipped with the highest quality and up-to-date modern equipment. They’re GPS enabled so you can track our status and give you that peace of mind to know exactly where we are and how long it’ll take us. And in the rare case that a vehicle isn’t in working condition, we have back-up vehicles on call – your tasks are always our number 1 priority and we are always prepared.

And of course in these Canadian winters you’ll need to tend to your driveways as soon as the snow hits 5 cm, which we are always prepared for as we constantly survey the regional weather reports.

Ultimately, our goal at Green Side Up is to deliver copacetic, long-term client relationships through solid consulting practices and high quality work. We aim to make your position as a condo property manager as simple as possible, while guaranteeing reliable, stable, and superior work.

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